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Our Photo Gallery of Insects, Butterflies, etc.
You can't enjoy birds, without enjoying the rest of Nature, too...
    Butterfly Butterfly Butterfly Butterfly
Bumblebee on the Autumn Joy Sedums

This one was in our backyard flowers
(Photo taken 2003 October 05)

Red Admiral Butterfly
Red Admiral Butterfly
Sipping on the Blue Salvia in our backyard
(Photo taken 2003 October 05)

Tent Caterpillars found everywhere in the Spring
This one was found at Sask. Landing Prov. Park
(Photo taken 2001 May 13)

Tent Caterpillar - Seward Sandhills
(Photo taken 2003 June 15)

Wasp Nest at the Sask Landing Prov Park
(Photo taken 2001 August 30)

Wasp Nest along a hiking trail
Cypress Hills Provincial Park
(Photo Taken 2000 September 16)

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